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Estamos We

Upload : 8 Nov 2011
Channel  : goldeggasse
Duration : 4.19
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A song about life in Barcelona, Spain.

The sun stood up, the shadows woke
The clouds unrolled their sleeves
Your golden hair, your smile lines
Your fetal silent sleep.

I kiss your lips, press your hand
Spooning for a while
Your sleepy eyes and breathless yawn
Always make me smile.

It's just us, there's no one else
There's coffee, stats and song
America is lost at sea
We've been gone so long.

You fed the cats and we got dressed
Upstairs a baby screams
The sidewalk swells with visitors
And a protest down the street

We hustle toward The L3 train
A busker beat a drum
We came up and walked the beach
Laughing arm in arm.

Clara drafts Estrella cans
Princesa 23
Ocean air and sailing ships
Toasting you and me
From sea to shining sea

The tide went out You held your nose
Que lastima my dear
The massage girls are on patrol
You point, "The coast is clear."

Then I stood up, Let's skip the train
"Through Gotica and Born"
We amble down the alleyways
Seis cuadras then we're home.