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Veela 1 Hour Veela Music Best Female Vocal Dubstep Chill Electro Lounge House Music

Upload : 6 Feb 2016
Channel  : Street Beats
Duration : 1.01.53
28.603   344   21

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Veela Official Channel

Sinatic ft Veela - Forever Blue
Tyler Clark ft Veela - Gazer

CatatonikC4T ft Veela - A Step Ahead Of Fate

Starz ft Veela - Second Nature

Point 140 ft Veela - Mocking Blue
Neutralize ft Veela - Crayen

Miqz ft Veela - Metrion

Ben Moon ft Veela - Majesty

Temporal ft Veela - No Story

Publicly Anonymous ft Veela - Killings

Dashfix ft Veela - Walking

Boyinaband ft Veela - Two Skin

Lemmino ft Veela - An Apology

All songs under Creative Commons