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Sunset Rollercoaster on Audiotree Live (Full Session)

Upload : 18 Okt 2018
Channel  : Audiotree
Duration : 33.11
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Sunset Rollercoaster is a jazz influenced, subtropical sextet who write retro love songs with a modern spin. The Taiwan-based group's breezy, chilled out tunes perfectly accompany sunny strolls along the riverside or lazy mornings in bed with your love. Check out the incredible performance and let the colorful sounds of Sunset Rollercoaster transport you to a brighter mental state.

Recorded on September 26, 2018 in Chicago, IL.

Visit the band's website - https://sunset-rollercoaste...


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00:40 Greedy

06:35 Summum Bonum

12:44 New Drug

17:39 My Jinji

29:50 I Know You Know I Love You