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What is love? A journey through the heart | Mia Hansson | TEDxDouglas

Upload : 18 Des 2014
Channel  : TEDx Talks
Duration : 14.16
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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. What is love indeed?

Born to parents from two different continents, Mia grew up and worked in Europe, Africa and South East Asia. Even while 'helping' her nuclear physicist father and geneticist mother at work, Mia had a hunch that there was more to life than science alone. Obsessed with finding the answer to the question of love she travelled through Tibet, studied jungle survival with Bruce Parry in Borneo, worked as a model in Paris, a journalist in Bangkok, and a human rights researcher in the Middle East, before going to live for a year at a Zen monastery. Finally, she found the answer - with unexpected results. Now a writer about 'spiritual life in the real world' and training to be a counsellor, Mia’s work has been featured in the Guardian, the BBC, The Huffington Post, Time Out, and as Editor to the Buddhist Society. She has an MA in Comparative Literature, three post graduate degrees and a Millennium Award from Jon Snow.

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