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The Company Man's Top Five Greatest Rappers Of All Time

Upload : 10 Feb 2019
Channel  : The Company Man
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Here's something I never do... reveal my personal Top Five Dead Or Alive.


Andre 3000 GOAT
Kendrick Lamar GOAT
Good Kid mAAd Classic
Kendrick Lamar DAMN.
Hardest Generation Alive

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Justin Hunte is a former Editor-in-Chief of HipHopDX and creator of DX's popular series The Breakdown and #DXLive. Hunte has debated at the prestigious Oxford Union and is featured on Shade45's "All Out Show w/ Rude Jude," as well as Revolt TV’s “Revolt Live” Billboard magazine, digital campaigns for Lexus, Honda, Brisk, and Simple Mobile. Prior to joining HipHopDX, Hunte spent 5 years working in investment banking at Banc Of America/Merrill Lynch and has covered music, politics, and culture for numerous publications. He is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

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