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MS-13 Member Threatens to Kill Arresting Officers

Upload : 23 Apr 2019
Channel  : Real World Police
Duration : 21.42
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Glossing over the details of the domestic assault that kicked things off, when our chapter begins Jesus Negrete-Sanchez had just been spotted riding a girl's bicycle on SR-20 near the Skagit Motel in Sedro-Woolley, Washington. Officers converged on the location and began a delicate attempt at boxing in a gangster riding a girl’s bicycle using multiple police cars — on a public road.

Jesus refused to stop, instead giving officers the finger as he skirted between the gaps separating their patrol vehicles. At one point an officer got on his PA and advised Jesus that he was under arrest, and to stop and get off his bike, but Jesus continued to ride, demanding to know what officers wanted with him and yelling obscenities.

Officer McCombs of Sedro-Woolley Police Department then pulled up next to Jesus, opened his window and pointed his OC canister at Jesus, ordering him to get off the bike. Perhaps familiar with the joys of OC, Jesus complied… but not for long. Jesus soon refused to listen to commands and forced officers to take him to the ground, thus starting a protracted ground struggle.

After some time - and an impressive degree of resistance - officers were finally able to get Jesus secured in handcuffs, though he continued thrashing about and yelling obscenities, screaming that the police were going to die and asserting membership in MS-13. Officers found a switchblade knife on Jesus’s person… and... I’ll let the video take it from here.



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