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Undertale - Ultra-Sans Fight (Fan-made)

Upload : 17 Nov 2015
Channel  : A Huge Pancake
Duration : 3.49
23.007.162   190501   11908

A little animation using a combination of Cinema 4D and After Effects.
Music Mashup "Waters of Megalovania" by BotanicSage [BS] at

Made with Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

12/16 Reflection:
I think its time to look back on this animation and analyse how much I've improved. I've had both praise and criticism for this particular animation of mine. I'd like people to keep in mind that this was my first crack at this sort of animation, and took me only 3 weeks, compared to the 3-5 months they now tend to take me.

But looking back, this animation is only 'ehh, not that good'. I can easily see why people wouldn't like it. The timings are way off, there's spelling mistakes, wrong animation type, unsatisfying ending, bad pacing, too easy-looking etc etc.

I've taken it all on board and strive to improve all of these aspects. My more recent animations should show this improvement, and I continue to plan to make animations, focusing on accuracy.

Be it 2d or 3d (I'm not all too good at characters, but environments I love to make) I'd love to hear of some of the ideas that people might want me to make in the future.