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Beirut - Corfu (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Upload : 26 Okt 2018
Channel  : Beirut
Duration : 2.36
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'Corfu' from Beirut's new album, 'Gallipoli', out now on 4AD:

Statement by Brody Condon, artist:

"My cousin came by the studio in Berlin to drop off his dog, and randomly asked me to flesh out the record cover. Not my usual work. These days I facilitate sessions using a mix of radical therapeutic methods from the 70’s and document them, the final work being video installation. The participants are often becoming, meaning speaking and emoting, as if they are inanimate objects, parts of their body, or simple formal properties like a color or a shape. In this case I ran a body scanning session with Z, about two hours, and dug some psychosomatic debris from his guts. It's a creepy place. I have a history with 3D software, so afterwards I made a digital still life guided by those elements he described during the meeting. The back cover was inspired by an old postcard from a botanic garden island in southern Germany that he found in a flea market. He asked me to add a peacock, which I thought was dumb at first, but now I like it."

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