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Gert Taberner - Fallen

Upload : 22 Feb 2017
Channel  : daydreaming
Duration : 5.24
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Tell me things you never said out loud
Just try and go there if you can
Show me the parts of you you're not that proud of
I want to know I'm just a man

I'll have you know that I have good and bad days
Come on, now, love, don't be naive
Lay out our cards and you'll see all my mistakes
Well, I don't mind while you're with me

When have I fallen
Am I crawling on my knees

Here I'm calling
In the hope that you'll see me

Whoa whoa whoa
Whoa whoa whoa

This voice inside of me has lost its breath
It's far too tired to sing at ease
All of the things I never said out loud
They will remain inside of me

Yeah and I've fallen
Yes, I'm crawling on my knees

Yeah and I'm calling
Out in search of who we'll be

Whoa whoa whoa
Whoa whoa whoa
Whoa whoa whoa
Whoa whoa whoa

Tell me things you've never said out loud
‘Cause I want to know I'm just a man

music: Gert Taberner

photo: Jaimie Wylie