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peer pressure || james bay ft. julia michaels (cover) + lyrics

Upload : 25 Feb 2019
Channel  : Charlene Sangalang
Duration : 3.36
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"i'm under control until you're in front of me"

this song became one of my favs for this year and i really want to cover this and upload as quickly as possible so here ya go.

feels good to be able to play with old "Bob" (my guitar) for the first time in the year 2019...i think it is the first time but i could be wrong. i got too lazy to watch a guitar tutorial or actually read a tab so that would explain why this version sounds weird ? I think it was okay ? But i was not joking about the bar chords..playing that transition between the B and C#m chord was STreSSFUl

hopefully, i'll have more covers with Bob as well in the future, it was nice playing with him again.

also, i swEARR,,,the second voice and the piano part took me a LONG time to record like I took 10 takes cause it was so challenging to get in sync with guitar me but ey i got it (for the most part)

I'm aiming to have my videos uploaded by friday but that may change idk. two uploads in one week may occur but that would depend on the amount of time i save..

Right now, I'm currently experimenting on an uploading schedule (it's about time i create one)
Cause ya girl right here is really trying to upload every week and so far i'm on a roll so i really look forward to uploading more hopefully organic content for you guys :)

tHANks foR WatcHiiNg and stay tuned for more!