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Cities At War - Berlin: The Doomed City (WW2 Documentary)

Upload : 22 Nov 2017
Channel  : Timeline - World History Documentaries
Duration : 51.04
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The Cities at War series is the most moving and eloquent of testimonials to human courage, determination to survive, and to the unspeakable cruelty of war. A survivor poignantly recalls that Berlin was anti-Nazi from the early 1930's. "We remained Berliners first, Germans second, and only Nazis if we had to be." On August 25, 1940, the Royal Air Force made its first raid, beginning a five-year siege that would end only after 80,000 civilians had been killed. Even then, Goebbels was confident and ordered his newsreel units to film the effects of British bombing, in the hopes of rallying the German forces. This footage, suppressed until now as too harrowing to show, brings to searing light the devastating tragedy and miracle of Berlin.

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