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The Girl Who Went Viral || GLMM

Upload : 18 Jun 2019
Channel  : WishChan
Duration : 10.25
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Sorry for repost!
Story: Akila has always been a big singer. One day she goes to a cafe to study and have coffee and realizes it’s empty. She begins singing her favorite song and people her it and record her. They post in on YouTube etc. At first she starts assuming everyone knows her from the video and is paranoid. She isn’t grateful and hates the attention. Then one day she gets a call that her sister is getting tested for leukemia. She rushes to the hospital and talks to her sister and mom for a bit and leaves the room. There she meets a girl who’s recovering from leukemia and falls in love. They go on a few dates and begin being girlfriends. Meanwhile Akila’s sister is officially diagnosed with leukemia and Akila begins to enjoy her fame. Her girlfriend has a relapse though and they get married as soon as possible.
I own NONE of the audio. I tried to make sure allllllll audio was non copyrighted or licensed to YouTube. I may have missed one tho.
❗️❗️If you own this music simply email me at [email protected] and I will take it down immediately, please don’t take this video down before emailing me though because I have spent a lot of time and effort so email me instead ❗️❗️
✉️any questions to the video or audio etc? Email me: [email protected] also use it to send dan art etc!✉️
I am using the audio for entertainment purposes! Which means it is allowed in a way. Full credit to artist