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Playtime for Psychotic Children. 1957 experiments in object permanence

Upload : 18 Nov 2018
Channel  : Kika II
Duration : 11.41
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This silent film was shot in Maudsley Hospital, London, and shows children handling various types of objects, placing them in their mouths, and looking around for the objects when they are removed. Apparently in contrast to non-psychotic children, these subjects search for a missing object only in the place where it was located immediately prior to removal--in the child's left hand, for example.
Many diagnoses of the past, including early infantile psychosis, childhood schizophrenia, mahler's symbiotic psychosis, Kanner's autism, Heller's organic psychosis, are no longer recognized but children exhibiting their symptoms are now classified under the umbrella of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The term "Psychotic Child" is however appropriate to the time when this film was created