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Thom Yorke on Neil Young (Interview, raw footage)

Upload : 11 Apr 2012
Channel  : Wonsaponatime
Duration : 34.52
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This interview was conducted by Mark Cooper, Creative Head at BBC Music Entertainment, on january 27th 2008 at the BBC TV Centre in London. Sections from this interview were supposed to be used in "Don't Be Denied", a documentary on Neil Young. In the end, the footage went complete unused, and only 2 brief excerpts were posted on the BBC website. Mark Cooper has kindly agreed to make the unedited footage available for my Radiohead fansite ( Thanks go also to Radiohead's manager Chris Hufford, who gave his blessing after comsulting with Thom. Neil Young was and is one of the strongest influences on Thom as a songwriter and singer, so this in-depth interview is quite something. Enjoy!