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Nightcore - Hello Monsta

Upload : 14 Jun 2014
Channel  : Kit Kat Nightcore
Duration : 2.08
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Ummm as I was cleaning my computer...I saw this in my bookmarks and history, so I was like..why not make a nightcore of this! I just love this song! It has some of my favorite Youtubers in it ( dog!) (as you can see) and I hope you love it like I did! ^-^

Song: Hello Monsta
By: Boyinaband, Minx, and Markiplier
Type: Orignal Rap mixed with Dubstep
Introduced in video: Slender, Amnesia, Dead Space, Silent Hill
Characters: Slender Man, Mr. Face, Necromorph, Pyramid Head
Nightcored by meh!

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Written by Boyinaband
Performed by Minx and Boyinaband
Additional Vocals by Markiplier

Note: I do not own any of the music or pictures used. This is basically for sharing amazing music with the world. All rights go to their respective owners. If you are the owner of these works and do not like how they are being represented, please contact me and I will remove them at once! Thank you and enjoy these wubba dubs! ^-^