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Miss Wanna Die & Dynasty | GLMV's | Gacha Life | Read Desc.

Upload : 10 Jun 2019
Channel  : Ğãçhâ Čhăñ Fõřĕvêŕ
Duration : 12.15
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So, here is my first combination of two GLMV's, it's finally done! 😁
🕡 Time taken: 1 week
🏞 Screenshots: 500
💖 Subscriber count: 51,912

⚠️ Warning: This video contains blood and suicide, if you're uncomfortable, don't like blood or suicidal things like cutting, I advise you to click this video away, thank you ❤
And if you have depression and you're feeling suicidal, please don't harm yourself. You're perfect in your own way and have a meaning in live, don't let the negativity take over you. You deserve live. Stay strong everyone 💖

Edit: The characters are a tiny bit inspired by Leafy-Chan, please check her channel out too, it's amazing