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"Waterfalls" - TLC (Cover) ft. Stan Taylor & Clay Dub

Upload : 19 Nov 2018
Channel  : Brother Stone & The Get Down
Duration : 5.32
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Brother Stone & the Get Down cover TLC's "Waterfalls" with featured guests:

Stan Taylor:

Clay Dub:

Live from the Gibson Showroom in Los Angeles, CA.


Collin Monahan Guitar/Vocals
Matt Ranaudo Guitar/Vocals
Stan Taylor Vocals
James Jannetty Keys/Vocals
Clay Dub Rap/Vocals
David Miller Trumpet
Daniel Weidlein Saxophone
Triple D Drums
Josh Mayo Percussion
Nick Cisneros Bass

“Man I aint chasing water falling water chasing me
I pay it forward right before I make em pay for me
It’s getting harder in a world hate and blatant greed
I practice karma like a farmer harvest patiently
Don’t be atomic
Focus on what ya cause is
Every effect got causes
Especially pregnant pauses
If you a target then it prolly means you got the juice
So let ya cup just runneth over for the haters too
Make em quench a thirst for you
Now they wanna work with you
Mean time you steady pressing forward for the sake of you
An algorithmic money making mogul
Paying dues
And now instead of haters hating
Haters paying you
And it’s a cycle triangular
straying is dangerous
See what I be praying for is
Always intangible
But always obtainable
The power a God is all I need
Ain’t no falling water chasing
Worth a damn”

(Rap verse written and performed by Clay Dub)