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Chewing - Time (feat. Local Natives & Nico Segal)

Upload : 4 Feb 2019
Channel  : chewinginc
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"Time (feat. Local Natives & Nico Segal)" is from "Pacific Ocean Blue" by Chewing

"Pacific Ocean Blue" is a reimagined cover of Dennis Wilson’s 1977 album in its entirety. Entire album available exclusively on limited edition vinyl through Turntable Kitchen.

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Chewing - Pacific Ocean Blue
1. River Song (feat. Local Natives)
2. What's Wrong
3. POB 001
4. Moonshine (feat. Cults)
5. Friday Night
6. Dreamer (feat. The Gloomies)
7. POB 003
8. Thoughts of You (feat. POP ETC)
9. Time (feat. Nico Segal & Local Natives)
10. You and I (feat. Evan Voytas)
11. Pacific Ocean Blues (feat. Local Natives)
12. Farewell My Friend
13. Rainbows (feat. Local Natives)
14. End of the Show